all the lights are gathered in your eyes

for flute, clarinet, trombone, piano, violin, and contrabass

2016 | ca 9 min                                                               [more]

[] commissioned by ensemble mise-en; Moon Young Ha,

conductor. Premiered 25 June 2016, Taipei Cultural Center,

New York City, USA

Valence III

for oboe, cello and percussion

2010 | ca 7 min              

Premiered 1 April 2011, Howard Niblock, oboe; Miyoko

Grine-Fisher, cello; Alexy Rolfe, percussion, Lawrence

University, Wisconsin, USA

for violin, viola, cello, contrabass and percussion            

2009 | ca 7 min

24 June 2009, Psappha ensemble, Christian Baldini, conductor, St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Scotland

Releasing Anamnesis

String Quartet no. 1  |  2004  |  ca 14 min

premiered 30 November 2004,

The Composers' Quartet, New Music Gallery,
Toronto, Canada 


Mirror, mirror ...

for two violins            

2005 | ca 11 min

28 October 2016, Duo Gelland,
Martin and Cecilia Gelland, violins,
113 Composers Collective,
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Three Nocturnes

for solo piano

2024 | ca 15 min            

Premiered 11 April 2024, R. A. Baker, piano, Gullestrup Church, Herning, Denmark

Stellam - Lunam Rorate caeli desuper

for soprano, chorus and orchestra                             [more]

 > 2222 - 4230 - timp - perc - sop solo - SATB - strings       

2015 | ca 5 min 

[] commissioned by the B. T. Rome School of Music, The

Catholic University of America, for the 26th Annual

Christmas Concert for Charity. Premiered 5 Dec./ 2015,

CUA Orchestra and Chorus; Molly Allen, soprano;

Leo Nestor, conductor, Basilica of the National Shrine

of the Immaculate Conception, Wahington D.C., USA

Wings and Engines

for violin and orchestra  

 > vn solo - 1111 - 1111 - perc - strings           

2005 | ca 19 min           

[] Selected for premiere by the Ontario region of the Canadian

Music Centre for the 2007 Professional Readings Series.

Premiered 7 May/07, Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk, conductor,

Marie Berard, violin, Toronto, Canada

for clarinet, violin, cello and piano            

2010 | ca 13 min 

[] Commissioned by James Stephenson and

Chiasmus Ensemble.

Premiered 15 May 2010, James

Stephenson, conductor, Sir Jack Lyons

Concert Hall, University of York, York

Spring New Music Festival, England

Valence I

Nor gates of steel so strong, but Time decays?

for solo piano  

2010 | ca 7 min              

Premiered 2 May 2010, R. A. Baker, piano

An Die Musik Live, Baltimore, USA


for string quartet                                                            [more]      

2015 | ca 8 min              

premiered as String Quartet #2, 27 September 2009,

Madawaska Quartet, New Music Gallery, Toronto, Canada 

on a fragile curve

for solo piano and chamber ensemble   [more]

 > pno solo - 1110 - 0110 - perc - 10111    

2017 | ca 15 min            

Premiered 4 April 2017, Newprism Ensemble; Ivo Kaltchev,

piano; R. A. Baker, conductor, Ward Hall, The Catholic

University of America, Washington, D.C., USA

... and wondrous strange snow

for solo violin, strings, piano and percussion 


 > vn solo - perc - pno - 3vn, 2va, 2vc, 1cb          

2014 | ca 26 min           

[] commissioned by Colin Sorgi and SONAR New Music

Ensemble. Premiered 30 Jan / 1 Feb 2015,
Baltimore Theatre
Project, Baltimore, USA


for solo flute and chamber orchestra   [more]

 > fl solo - 1110 - 1110 - perc - 11111

2019 | ca 11 min 

[] commissioned by The Catholic University of Amercia & The Embassy of Canada to the United States.

Troy Paolantonio, flute; Andrea Vela, conductor.

Premiered 20 February 2020, The Kennedy Center,

Millennium Stage, Washington D.C., USA

The Valence Cycle (2008-2011)

Faustus Songs

for soprano, mezzo, baritone, oboe, trombone, cello, harpsichord 

2014 | ca 14 min 

Song cycle on excerpts from Christopher Marlowe's The

Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus

Recording session May 2014.

Lisa Perry, soprano; Megan Ihnen, mezzo; James Rogers,

baritone; Bethany Slater, oboe; Nick Mazziott, trombone;

Lavenna Johanson, cello; Francesca Hurst, harpsichord;

R. A. Baker, conductor

Valence II

for solo piano            

2008 | ca 9 min

Premiered 6 June 2008, R. A. Baker, piano,

Salisbury University, MD, USA

Sharp Edges

The Valence Cycle is a set of four pieces, each of which explores the opposition of continuity and discontinuity.

Each takes material from the previous piece(s), re-casting it for the respective new ensemble, and pursues new musical paths.

These pieces may stand alone or be heard in any combination, and in any order.  

Valence III

Valence IV

for oboe, cello and percussion 

2010 | ca 7 min 

Premiered 1 April 2011, 

Howard Niblock, oboe; Miyoko Grine-

Fisher, cello; Alexy Rolfe, percussion, 

Lawrence Univeristy, WI, USA

for clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin and cello

2011 | ca 8 min 

Premiered 17 November 2012,

Newprism Ensemble; R. A. Baker,

conductor, 2640 SPACE, Baltimore, MD,



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