Robert A.




for violin and piano
2001 | ca. 13 min.

[] Composed with assistance from the Toronto Arts Council

premiere: 20 Oct./01; Subsequent: 8 Nov./03, Toronto. toneART ensemble, C. Gemmell (vn.), K. Tremills (pno.);
22 Jun/02, Thunder Bay, Canada. New Music North, J. Racaru (vn.), D. Oger (pno.)

Complete Studio Recording

Corey Gemmell, violin; Kathryn Tremills, piano

1st mvt. (3:36)

2nd mvt. (4:31)

3rd mvt. (2:58)

Programme Notes

Chronometrics is about the perception of pulse.

Movement I, Prelude, combines vague and clear approaches musical pulse in often asymmetrical and subtle designs. It is romantic and lyrical.

Movement II, Dialogue begins with no perceivable pulse. Unconventional approaches to sound and notation are the basis for the movement. Although a pulse is occasionally used for organizational purposes the movement is largely aleatoric in its vertical alignment.

Movement III, Presto is propelled by a highly visceral pulse and reflects the spirit of the classical sonata finale. The phrasing is often symmetrical but occasional interruptions, or flashbacks of previous movements, occur to inject rhythmic variation and energy.